Product Maximum Cathode Voltage Typical Reference Voltage Maximum Cathode Current Features Packages  PDF
SE431D 18V 2.495±0.5% 90mA -Adjustable Output Voltage from VREF to 18V SOT-89-3 SE431D.pdf
2.495±1.0% -Wide Operating Current Range from 120uA to 100mA SOT-23-3
2.495±2.0% -Low Dynamic Output Impendance 0.08Ohm (Typ.) SOT-23-5L
  -Trimmed Bandgap Design up to 0.5% TO-92
SE432L 8V 1.24±0.5% 150mA -Adjustable Output Voltage from VREF to 8V SOT-23-3 SE432L.pdf
1.24±1.0% -Wide Operating Current Range from 60uA to 100mA SOT-23-5L
1.24±1.5% -Low Dynamic Output Impendance 0.25 Ohm (Typ.) TO-92
1.24±2.0% -Trimmed Bandgap Design up to 0.5%  

Product  Status VOUT Maximum Input Voltage Max IOUT  IQ   OTP/OCP EN/BP Pin   Pkg. PDF
SE5170 ES 1.5V 6V 5mA 8uA Yes/Yes No/No SOT-23-3L SE5170.pdf

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